Monday, March 16, 2009

Seriously, is it me who is stupid...or facebook?

Ok, really. I run this Blog just fine, although the picture formatting can be a bit wierd, and of course I manage to write, publish and maintain .....all by myself. Today however I have lost an entire day trying to figure out how to use Facebooks company "Page" service to create something for DesignerTechniques. A whole day, and still I cant figure it out. Its full of links that take you down blind alleys for gods sake. You then have to re-enter from the start. I have not seen a website with such poor navigation in years!!? Certainly not one that popular. Really, its crap. In the last two days, I have even managed to arrange Google search, and Google ads onto DesignerTechniques. Peice of cake, and that involved fiddling with HTML for chr*st sake? I AM MAD. No really, i am!

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